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January 1, 2018

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Lloyd Thibodeau
1901 Country Apple Court
Fountain Inn, SC 29644

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How to Oil Paint Different Cloud Formations as Art Subjects


Sun Rays

How to Paint Clouds with Color

Beginning this painting first with a blank blue sky, a step by step painting process is outlined. Brushed onto the canvas is a creation of some lavender colored clouds.

How to Paint Clouds with Depth

Some painting methods applied can make an artwork appear more realistic to life as we see it around us. It's becoming aware of few simple art techniques that can helps us achieve a more natural oil painting. The way we brush on colors along with the sizes for clouds contributes in this.

How to Oil Paint Flames or Fire

Candle Flame

Painting Florals Art Subjects

Red Gerbera Daisy oil painting.

Oil Painting the Gerbera Daisy Flower onto an Artist Canvas

How to drawing a Red Gerbera Flower outline image onto a canvas using the grid method with watercolor pencils. Brush on artist oil paints using rich colors of red, green and blue that are across the color wheel of each other.

Rose Four artist grid drawing pattern.

Rose Four - Artist Grid Drawing Pattern has been uploaded and can be download.

Artist graphite pencil lesson on drawing a single button rose flower.

Artist lesson on how to draw a Single Button Rose flower.

This is a look at the leaf structure. Some thoughts to keep in mind when drawing flower plants like this one.

Pink Rose art lesson.

Pinkish Rose

Painting Rocks Art Subjects

Painting Water Art Subjects

Reedy River Falls

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