"Name Fountain Inn" by Artist Lloyd W Thibodeau

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The Name Fountain Inn oil painting by artist Lloyd W Thibodeau.

The Name Fountain Inn

24" by 36" Oil on Canvas

Fountain Inn, SC a historical oil painting of how it's name was created. At that time period an indian trail was used to travel from Columbia, SC, to Greenville, SC. Today you can tell where the old road once was that they traveled.

As early settlers began using the trail they constructed a house which was at sometime used as an inn for resting from weary trips. Interesting that the Inn had two chimnies built onto it. A neighbor took me to the spot where the inn once rested and now the only remanent is a mound. A fire had taken place and the inn was lost.

Near by was a natural spring that continuously gusted water in a spout some two feet high. Today it is hard to locate across on the other side of Howard road.

Artist Contact Information
Lloyd w Thibodeau
1901 Country Apple Court
Fountain Inn, SC 29644

Email : lloyd@draw-n-paint.com
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